2015 Year In Review

Harnessing the
Innovation Continuum

World-class innovation starts with well-developed processes to rapidly and effectively deliver market-leading next-generation products across our portfolio. This evolutionary approach to core innovation is often referred to as linear innovation. Our capabilities in this area of innovation are strong and mature, as evidenced by the examples below as well as the recognition we’ve received for being one of the most innovative consumer products companies in the world.

We are very proud of those results and recognition, but SFS 2.0 is taking us beyond linear innovation to scale Breakthrough Innovation capabilities across Stanley Black & Decker, augmenting our well-developed and highly successful core innovation processes. The combined effect of this multi-faceted approach will enable greater coverage across an expanded innovation continuum with enhanced focus on the successful commercialization of disruptive breakthrough opportunities.

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The Innovation Continuum Innovation is a hallmark of all our brands, and continues to power growth in all our businesses. We are supplementing our existing strong “incremental” innovation culture—a driver of organic growth—with a new innovation model that moves us towards a breakthrough approach that can provide a step-function increase in growth.

The Innovation Continuum, showing Stanley Black & Decker’s breakthrough approach to growth.


Most Innovative Consumer
Durables Company
The Patent Board™

Tools & StorageUnleashing New Product Vitality

Innovation is a hallmark of the most successful consumer durables companies. Our Tools & Storage business launches an average of three new products every day. Considering the traditional nature of tools, whether power tools or hand tools, bringing to market each year approximately 100 World’s Firsts is a high benchmark for success.

Our peers in innovation in consumer durables include world-class innovators such as Nike, LG and Samsung—and among tool companies, we are the leader. With our history and momentum in linear innovation, and with our new investments in breakthrough innovation, we believe we have the ability and conviction to further excel in this arena.

Black icons showing various tools.


World’s Firsts
Per Year


New Products
Per Year

Black icons showing various tools.

DeWALT Outdoor DeWALT 40V MAX* Outdoor delivers gas performance without the gas—for maximum efficiency and serious power at your fingertips. This means no fumes, no fuel mixing, no spills, less noise and less maintenance. There are no carburetors, no spark plugs, no air filters and no cord to pull. The Lithium Ion battery-operated tools provide the power, runtime and durability the professional landscaper demands–all made possible by the innovation and advances in brushless motors that we have brought to market. The current 40V line includes a 4Ah Brushless String Trimmer, 4Ah Brushless Handheld Blower and 4Ah Hedge Trimmer—with 6Ah EXTREME RUNTIME (XR) options for 50 percent more battery capacity on both the String Trimmer and Handheld Blower. The 20V line helps the end user to GET MORE DONE™ with a 5Ah Brushless String Trimmer and 5Ah Brushless Handheld Blower. Gas-free operation provides additional versatility as the Handheld Blower can be used indoors for jobsite cleanup.

Brushless Motors Cordless power tool users always want more power and longer runtime, in a lighter and smaller package. With conventional technology, these characteristics have always been in opposition. There were tradeoffs: to get more of one, you had to give up on the other. No more. Our brushless motors are highly efficient, with greater power density, and generate 30% to 50% less heat. They can deliver significantly more power and significantly more runtime—up to 100% more runtime depending on the tool and the application. And that extra runtime and power come in a more compact package, with the added bonus of low maintenance and high reliability. The relatively high electronics content makes it easy to fine-tune the motor’s performance to specific tools and applications. These end user benefits are driving the rapid growth in our brushless portfolio, helping our cordless business grow twice the market rate.


of today's cordless
tool market is brushless.

Stanley Floor Plan App A smart way to create accurate floor plans, the STANLEY Floor Plan app turns a smart phone or tablet into a customizable floor plan mapping, job estimating and space planning tool. Users can quickly measure rooms and create a floor plan just by taking pictures, and then simply adding objects, annotations and attributes to the plan. Floor plans can be saved for future use or shared with other Floor Plan app users.

DeWALT Tool Connect™ Job Site Tool Control App Our smart solution mobile app, DeWALT Tool Connect, enables control of and alerts from Bluetooth® enabled DeWALT 20V MAX* batteries when paired with a compatible smart phone or tablet. Users can remotely monitor state of charge, enable or disable battery packs, and run real-time diagnostics. If a battery pack is lent out, users can even control how long the pack can be used. The app can create a “virtual fence” for batteries at the job site, issuing an alert and disabling any battery that exceeds the Bluetooth range of the smart device. Using signal strength, you can even find your tools if they’ve been misplaced. And when the workday is done, all batteries can be disabled with a tap.


The cornerstone of our Industrial franchise is STANLEY Engineered Fastening, a high growth global leader in innovative assembly and productivity solutions for OEM customers primarily in the automotive, industrial and electronics industries and with a growing presence in solar. Industrial also includes two leading infrastructure businesses, STANLEY Hydraulics and STANLEY Oil & Gas. All three of these businesses continue to bring new innovative solutions to market, and have recently made investments to incubate breakthrough innovation for their markets.

Workers soldering gas pipeline.

POP® Avdel® ProSert™ XTN20 Combined world-class innovations from POP® Avdel® created this next-generation hydro-pneumatic blind rivet nut tool. Fast, light and ergonomic, ProSert® XTN20’s best-in-class design includes “pull-to-force/pull-to-stroke” dual operating technology. This added flexibility allows operators to install a broad range of thread sizes and grip combinations, thus reducing the need for multiple tools at any given work station—increasing productivity and lowering total installed costs in labor intensive automotive, industrial, transportation and recreational equipment industries.

POP Avdel ProSert blind rivet tool in use.

RAPTOR and Hydra STANLEY Oil & Gas is a world-leading supplier of specialized tools, equipment and services for the construction of oil and natural gas transmission pipelines. In recent years, it has reconfigured its approach to R&D, creating a separate dedicated group that focuses on the needs of the industry. This has led to multiple innovations, including RAPTOR and Hydra, which have automated and improved what used to be done by hand. RAPTOR (Rapid Action Powder Transfer and Recovery) improves the traditional powder application process for pipelines, using UHF heat induction and an electronically regulated new nozzle spray system to provide a more precise powder application for a consistent coating thickness with less waste. Hydra revolutionizes the quenching process with an enclosed cooling system that uses nozzles to create a mist of cooling water, eliminating the generation of standing water waste. Water used in quenching is recycled and cooled in an external bath. Both innovations have resulted in higher quality, highly efficient, more ECOSMART™ solutions.

STANLEY Oil & Gas pipeline pipes in factory.

SecurityTargeting Vertical Markets

STANLEY Security is making steady progress on its vertical market focus, particularly in the healthcare and retail verticals, driven by innovative, integrated solutions. Dedicated cross-functional teams are aligned to retail, healthcare, education, banking, government and enterprise customers. Each vertical is different. For our retail customers we are evolving base intrusion, fire and Electronic Article Surveillance (“EAS”) together with people counting, video analytics and Point of Sale (“POS”) data to attack shrink and POS exceptions while also improving the shopper’s experience. In healthcare we help to ensure compliance, patient safety and efficiency. For our education customers the need for compliance, for mass notification, and to integrate multiple systems into one security management system is front and center.

Our vertical operations support teams are helping to accelerate that momentum. New solutions are combining such support with big data and predictive analytics to ensure world-class execution for our customers—helping them grow and become more productive as well as compliant with applicable regulatory standards.

Retail store aisle on security camera screen.

SECURITY SMS Innovation Center STANLEY Security has launched an Innovation Center for its Mechanical Solutions business to facilitate collaboration with our customers and spur new product development. The Innovation Center provides a dedicated space for Stanley employees and customers to work more collaboratively, solve problems, and develop innovation solutions to make us more competitive in the markets we serve.

Stanley employees cut ribbon at new center.

STANLEY Insights™ STANLEY Insights™ is a dynamic business intelligence solution that delivers unparalleled analytics and visibility across a business. STANLEY Insights is comprised of two key elements, a new STANLEY Insights Professional Services team and the STANLEY Insights Analytics Solutions Software. Together they offer multi-faceted support and an in-depth, 360° view of a business’ operations, practices, trends and data streams. The software compiles data from multiple, disparate systems—including video analytics, intrusion, POS, EAS, weather platforms and others—onto an easy-to-use dashboard. By correlating data from multiple data points, and with consultative support from the STANLEY Insights team, the solution allows business owners, loss prevention professionals and facility managers to mitigate loss, improve profitability, optimize performance, increase conversion rates and reduce facility risks—all while enhancing the customer and visitor experience. Combining consulting services and analytics to generate the right actionable intelligence, STANLEY Insights is designed to help optimize business performance.

Brochure on STANLEY Security Insights, which combines consulting and analytics to optimize business performance.

MobileView Analytics STANLEY Healthcare’s MobileView Analytics incorporates a best-of-breed business intelligence platform. MobileView Analytics is in use at innovative hospitals across the U.S. and is supporting measurable improvements in key areas that include HCAHPS scores, room utilization, asset management, staff efficiency and regulatory compliance. With MobileView Analytics, hospitals have access to out-of-the-box dashboard packages, such as Clinic Patient Experience & Room Utilization Analytics, Asset Management Visibility Center and Workflow Optimization, Environmental Monitoring Visibility Center, and Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Analytics. MobileView Analytics transforms data into operational intelligence to make hospitals smarter through better decision-making, visibility to performance against key benchmarks, and improvement of processes to eliminate waste and enhance the patient experience.

Doctors looking at hospital floor plan on screen.

Patient Flow Solution STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout® Patient Flow Solution monitors the location, status and interactions of patients and staff at every stage of care in surgical services, with multiple dashboards displaying real-time status in the OR waiting area, pre-op, PACU and acute care units. Patient Flow leverages STANLEY Healthcare’s market-leading RTLS technology—used in multiple applications including Staff Workflow, Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring—combined with the visual dashboards of MobileView Analytics, STANLEY Healthcare’s business intelligence platform. Surgical patients and staff members wear RTLS badges to monitor location, status and interactions. Dashboards allow staff to look “upstream” and “downstream” to improve communication, streamline case preparation, advance patient throughput and expedite room turnover. Management uses the dashboards to understand how surgical services are performing compared to key performance indicator statuses—on target, slightly below or major delays—and address them immediately to improve the outcome for the day.

Monitor on patient’s wrist.