2015 Year In Review

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Security $2.1B

  • Commercial Electronic Security
  • Mechanical Access

Tools & Storage $7.1B

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    Tools & Accessories
  • Hand Tools
    & Storage


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Tools & Storage

The worldwide leader in tools and storage, we create the tools that build and maintain the world. Tradespeople and Do-It-Yourselfers alike rely on us every day for the toughest, strongest, most innovative hand tools, power tools and storage solutions in the market.

Financial Highlights

(millions of dollars)
Segment Profit - $
Segment Profit - %

Business Highlights

Launched "Special Forces Innovation Team" focusing on breakthrough innovation with a venture-capitalist mindset.

Expanded Made in the USA with global materials product lineup, which now includes several DeWALT corded products.

2X market growth in U.S. retail business, propelled by cordless expansion, e-commerce, brand leverage and key customer partnerships.

Ten consecutive quarters of organic growth averaging 7% in Europe.

24 straight quarters of year-over-year sales growth for Mac Tools, extending record performance.

Successful consolidation of the legacy CDIY and IAR businesses into the new Tools & Storage segment.

Stanley Tape measures sold in one year would circle the globe
1.5 times


We build the solutions that keep your world running seamlessly—from preferred engineered fastening solutions in the automotive and electronics industries to infrastructure solutions including pipeline construction and hydraulic tools.

Financial Highlights

(millions of dollars)
Segment Profit - $
Segment Profit - %

Business Highlights

STANLEY Engineered Fastening’s new self-piercing rivet portfolio enables customers to produce lightweight cars using mixed materials car bodies.

SFS project at STANLEY Engineered Fastening plant in Wuxi, China—integrating heading machine with threading machine—reduced lead time by almost three days and reduced WIP 67% while improving labor productivity 26%.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening’s North American Automotive business opened a new 70,000-square-foot state-of-the-art customer innovation and learning center.

STANLEY Oil & Gas commended by client for successful completion—with zero repairs—of offshore Aviat Spoolbase Project in Norway.

STANLEY Hydraulics launched rental program in the U.S., tapping initially into a $1.3B market.


of all new cars use Stanley engineered fastening systems

Leading Brands

  • STANLEY Engineered Fastening


We deliver peace of mind with advanced electronic safety, security and monitoring solutions, innovative locks and automatic doors, and sophisticated patient safety, asset tracking and productivity solutions.

Financial Highlights

(millions of dollars)
Segment Profit - $
Segment Profit - %

Business Highlights

Launched the STANLEY Standard, a confluence of several SFS 2.0 transformative initiatives including digital and commercial excellence, for our Security business.

Launched STANLEY Edge, a state-of-the-art tablet app with a custom-designed application to enhance the selling process.

STANLEY Mechanical Security furthered leadership in the Government markets with wins in a number of military bases, including Fort Bragg, Offutt Air Force Base and the Defense Acquisition University.

STANLEY Access Technologies scored strategic wins with Walmart, related to their Grocery Home Shopping initiative, and with The Home Depot to provide automatic door service to the majority of their retail stores in the U.S.

2X growth outpaced the market, as STANLEY Security Europe returned to solid organic and profitable growth.

Skanska selected STANLEY Security as Security Partner for the ESS project, a partnership of 17 European nations cooperating in the design and construction of one of Europe’s biggest research infrastructure projects, a particle accelerator being built in Sweden.


of all hospitals use Stanley Healthcare

Leading Brands

  • STANLEY Healthcare
  • AeroScout
  • InnerSpace
  • Hugs
  • Wander Guard